Some Noteworthy Sandboxie Alternatives In 2024 (Paid/Free)

What Is Sandboxie?

Sandboxie Alternatives

Sandboxie allows users to bypass licensing restrictions and access the full features of the program without purchasing a valid license. Sandboxie is a powerful tool that creates a virtual environment on your computer where you can safely run applications and browse the internet without affecting your system. It acts as a protective barrier, isolating any potentially harmful programs or activities from your main operating system.

The finest free and open-source alternative to Sandboxie is Firejail. Other applications like Sandboxie are Cameyo, SHADE Sandbox, Shadow Defender, and Deep Freeze which are also excellent options.

5 Best Free Sandboxie Alternatives:

If you are a Freebee then you might be looking for Free Alternatives to “Sandboxie

1. Cameyo

Cameyo Logo

Cameyo is a Virtual Application Delivery (VAD) platform that enables your employees to work efficiently from anywhere by allowing them to access all of their business-critical apps (any Windows and/or internal web apps) on any device from the browser. Cameyo is a product for application virtualization. It intends to virtualize Windows apps so that they can run on other computers or in HTML5 browsers. It is said to be simple to use, lightweight, and suitable for various applications.


  • Simple: There is no need for infrastructure, and setup takes minutes with little to no IT knowledge.
  • Secure: HTTPS, single sign-on, app isolation from the OS, and other security measures are built in.
  • Cost-effective: To avoid bill shock, a multi-tenant platform uses cloud savings with a per-user subscription.
  • No VPNs: Without the need for VPNs or virtual desktops, securely offer Windows and internal web apps to hybrid and remote workers.
  • Ultimate Flexibility: For maximum flexibility, run Cameyo as a fully-hosted service or self-host Cameyo in your own cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environment.
  • Apps for Windows: Deliver old Windows and internal web programs securely from the browser to any device. For a better end-user experience, execute your app natively as a cloud instance or on your server.
  • Providing value to MSPs: Manage all clients through a single window, provide seamless software upgrades to reduce on-site visits, and simplify invoicing with a single SKU.
  • Web-enable your applications with no programming required: Cameyo is used by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to sell their software as a service – without the need for rebuilding – and to give rapid free trials from their websites.

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2. Firejail

Firejail Logo

Firejail is a simple SUID sandbox software that limits the execution environment of untrusted apps utilizing Linux namespaces, seccomp-bpf, and Linux capabilities. The software, written in C with almost no dependencies, operates on any Linux computer running a 3x kernel version or newer. The sandbox is light and has a low overhead. There are no difficult configuration files to modify, no open socket connections, and no background daemons. All security mechanisms are built into the Linux kernel and are accessible from every Linux computer.


  • Namespaces in Linux: Firejail’s primary technology is Linux Namespaces, a lightweight kind of virtualization. It serves as the initial step towards isolating the application. The program is given its filesystem, network stack, and kernel interface.
  • Control of Access: The sandbox adds an extremely efficient Mandatory Access Control layer to the standard file system. On a file-by-file basis, it grants or restricts program access to the underlying file system.
  • Monitoring and statistics: Firejail provides a plethora of tools for tracking all aspects of sandboxed programs. Monitoring CPU/memory/bandwidth use, tracing system calls, monitoring exec and fork events, and recording visits to banned files and directories are all part of this.
  • Virtual Directory Services: This is a more complex type of access restriction that we use in all of our sandboxes. It is constructed using the whitelist access control method. Assume we wish to limit browser access to our home directories. We begin by mounting an empty temporary file system on top of the /home/user directory and then add Downloads and the different configuration folders used by the browser.
  • Profiling for security: Profile files, which are stored in the /etc/firejail directory, explain the filesystem container, security filters, and network setup. The majority of default security profiles employ a rigorous dual 32-bit/64-bit seccomp-bpf filter, disable all capabilities, and enable a non-root user namespace within the sandbox. Password and encryption keys are not accessible via the filesystem.

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3. SHADE Sandbox

SHADE Sandbox Logo

SHADE Sandbox is both an antivirus alternative and a virtualization solution. It locally virtualizes apps (such as internet browsers) and isolates all incoming internet files and potential viruses in a safe virtual environment known as a “sandbox,” keeping them segregated from the operating system to keep it malware-free.

You Can Virtualize Apps Locally Using SHADE Sandbox:

Once the program is installed, you may add apps to it, and when you activate it, it will ensure that it operates in a secure environment. It protects the Windows environment against malware, ransomware, worms, Trojans, and other attacks.

If there is a method to make a certain program run in a simulated virtualized world, which will make your system more secure, SHADE Sandbox will accomplish it. The nicest aspect of SHADE Sandbox is that it can run on CPUs that do not support hardware virtualization.


  • Solid defence against new and unforeseen dangers.
  • Visiting dubious websites, including those prohibited by site advisors is safe.
  • There is no need to make judgments about which applications to trust.
  • Compatible with additional security solutions for maximum security.
  • There will be no more annoying status bars, addons, or programs installed.
  • Malware becomes confined within the sandbox. The operating system is still clean.

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4. Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender Logo

Shadow Defender is a simple security solution (for Windows) that protects your PC/actual laptop’s environment from harmful activity and undesired alterations. Shadow Defender may operate your system in a virtual environment dubbed ‘Shadow Mode. ‘Shadow Mode’ sends each system update to a virtual environment while leaving your real surroundings unchanged.

♦ Features

  • Maintain your privacy.
  • Avoid any viruses and malware.
  • Surf the internet safely and remove all traces of your activity.
  • Reduce system downtime and maintenance expenses.
  • Reboot your computer to return it to its original condition.
  • Keep your system free of harmful activity and unwanted alterations.
  • In a secure environment, test software and game install.
  • Protect yourself from undesired modifications made by shared users (suitable for workplaces and educational institutions).

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5. Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze Logo

Faronics’ Deep Freeze is a relaunch to repair software program available for the Microsoft Windows and macOS operating systems that allows network managers to secure the core operating system and metadata on a workstation or server by reverting a computer to the stored configuration each time the machine is restarted.


  • TICKETS REDUCE-IT: With each reboot, Deep Freeze assures complete workstation recovery. Customers claim a 63% reduction in IT tickets on average.
  • ENTIRELY NON-DESTRUCTIVE: Allow people full access while prohibiting permanent configuration modifications.
  • PREVENT DRIFT IN CONFIGURATION: Prevent computers from departing from their default settings while still enabling users to save their work.
  • GET RID OF ZERO-DAY THREATS: Deep Freeze offers a quick and easy approach to removing all harmful modifications to your frozen system, particularly zero-day threats.
  • ATTAIN LICENSE COMPLIANCE: Deep Freeze uninstalls any software installed without your permission with a single reboot, assisting your organization in achieving licensing compliance.
  • THAWSPACE: Creates virtual partitions to keep vital data even if the machine has no distinct physical division.

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