Top 4 Free MorphVOX Pro Alternatives In 2024

What Is MorphVOX Pro?

MorphVOX Pro Alternatives

MorphVOX Pro is a voice-changing program that enables users to alter their speech for a variety of reasons. Screaming Bee Inc. created it, and it works with Windows-based operating systems.

The voice-changing features of the software include altering your voice’s pitch, timbre, and tone. It also features a variety of background and speech effects, like animal sounds, sci-fi sounds, and more, to enhance your changed voice.

MorphVOX Pro can be used for a range of tasks, such as voice-over work, prank phoning, and online gaming. Additionally, it allows integration with well-known chat systems like TeamSpeak, Discord, and Skype, enabling users to change their voice in real-time while conversing.

Overall, MorphVOX Pro is a flexible and potent voice-changing program that may bring new enjoyment and fun to your online interactions.

The finest free and open-source alternative to MorphVOX Pro is Voicemod. Other applications like MorphVOX Pro are Voxal, Clownfish, and AV Voice Changer which are also excellent options.

Some Noteworthy MorphVOX Pro Alternatives:

If you are a Freebie then you might like the Free Alternatives of “MorphVOX Pro

1. Voxal

Voxal Logo

Voxal is a piece of software that enables users to alter their voice in real-time while participating in online voice chats, gaming, and recording sessions. Among other functions, it enables users to alter the tone, pitch, and inflexion of their voice. Voxal Voice Changer offers a large selection of pre-set voice effects that may be applied to voices, including robots, aliens, girls, boys, and others. Moreover, it contains a speech analyzer that lets users see the frequency of their voice in real-time.

♥ Features:

  • Real-time voice changing: Voxal Voice Changer’s real-time voice changing capabilities allow you to utilize it during live chat and gaming sessions.
  • Advanced voice effects: It provides a variety of complex speech effects, including alien, robot, echo, and others.
  • Easy-to-use interface: Voxal Voice Changer’s user-friendly interface makes it simple even for beginners.
  • Compatibility: It works with a wide variety of programs and games, including Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak, and others.
  • Unlimited voice changing: Voxal Voice Changer allows you to create unlimited voices.
  • Customizable presets: This feature lets you make and preserve personalized presets that simplify switching between different voices.
  • Low CPU usage: Voxal Voice Changer requires very little CPU power, so you can use it without worrying about the performance of your computer.
  • Multi-platform support: Voxal Voice Changer is usable on Windows, Mac, and Linux, making it available to a variety of users.

Use Voxal Free

2. Voicemod

Voicemod Logo

Voicemod is a soundboard and real-time voice changer for Windows, macOS, and mobile devices. Using many speech effects, such as a robot, a chipmunk, or Darth Vader, it enables users to alter their voice in real-time. Moreover, the program includes a soundboard that users may utilize to add various sound effects, songs, and memes to voice chats and live streaming. Voicemod is a favourite among gamers, streamers, and video producers who want to spice up their productions with creativity and fun.

♥ Features:

  • A wide range of voice effects
  • Real-time voice changer
  • Compatibility with multiple applications
  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Background noise cancellation
  • Custom voice effects
  • The capability to create voiceovers
  • Compatibility with various operating systems
  • The option to use different microphones.

Use Voicemod Free

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3. Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer Logo

Clownfish Voice Changer enables users to alter their voice during voice calls or online gaming sessions. It may be used with many programs, including Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak, and others. The software offers a variety of speech effects, including deep voice, robot, robot voice, and male-to-female voice. A music player with support for a variety of audio formats is also included with Clownfish Voice Changer. With a user-friendly interface, it works with Windows operating systems.

♥ Features:

  • Customizable voice presets: Clownfish Voice Changer gives customers a choice of adjustable parameters to use to make their special voice presets.
  • Real-time voice changing: The program has real-time voice modification features that let users alter their voices as they speak.
  • Compatibility with various programs: Clownfish Voice Changer is compatible with a wide range of popular voice chat applications, including Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak, and more.
  • Voice effects: The software offers a variety of voice effects, such as female, masculine, robot, and extraterrestrial.
  • Text-to-speech: Clownfish Voice Changer has a text-to-speech feature that can turn written text into spoken words with a variety of voice options.
  • Voice recording: With the software, users can record their altered voices and save them for later use.
  • User-friendly interface: Clownfish Voice Changer is a straightforward and intuitive user interface that makes it simple for users to change their voice and access many settings.
  • Low system requirements: The program is suitable for older laptops and PCs because it is small and requires little processing power.

Use Clownfish Free

4. AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software Logo

AV Voice Changer Software enables you to change your voice in a variety of ways. You can change your voice in real-time whether speaking on Skype, Discord, Viber, or any other VoIP program. By including various effects, you can change the sound of your voice. They include robots, male or female, and even celebrity voices. Everyone who wants to modify their voice can use this effective tool since it gives you the ability to alter your voice in different ways.

♥ Features:

  • Sophisticated voice-changing algorithms that can alter your voice in real-time.
  • There is a vast selection of backgrounds and voice effects to choose from.
  • The capability to design and save personalized speech presets.
  • A variety of audio file types can be imported and exported.
  • Voice-over and real-time recording features.
  • Any application’s or game’s voice-changing functionality.
  • User-friendly control with a customized hotkey interface.
  • Compatibility with a variety of gaming and communication services, including Skype, Discord, and Steam.
  • Built-in audio editor for additional voice effect customization.
  • Sophisticated sound processing technology and high-quality audio output.

AV Voice Changer

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