Best IDM Alternatives You Can Use | May 2024

What Is IDM?

IDM Alternatives

IDM (Internet Download Manager) is an easy-to-use download manager that lets you resume interrupted downloads and speed up downloads by up to 5 times. It also allows you to pause or cancel downloads.

The software supports almost every format such as MP3, WAV, AVI, MOV, WMV, 3GPP, MPEG, DivX, Xvid, ASF, RM, M4A, Ogg, AAC, AC3, AMR, AU, CAF, CHm, CUE, Eac, EAX, FLac, Gsm, H264, Jpg, LpcM, MIDI, MOD, MP2, MP3, Mpeg, Mpp, Neily, Nist, NSf, PCM, Pls, Ra, Ram, Rar, RPM, S3m, Shn, Smd, Speex, Tta, Voc, Wave, Wma, Wtv, Xing, Zip, Zipx, and many others.

The best thing about this software is that it does not require any installation process. It is completely portable and you can easily transfer files from one computer to another without any problem. It has got many features which make it easy to work with. 

It supports all types of audio and video formats. It allows you to edit videos and add effects to them. You can also create new videos using Movavi Video Editor. It provides you with a lot of options to customize the output format.

The finest free and open-source alternative to IDM is Free Download Manager. Other applications like IDM are JDownloader 2, EagleGet, FlashGet, and Internet Download Accelerator (IDA) which are also excellent options.

Some Free IDM Alternatives:

If you are a Freebee then you might like the Free Alternatives of “Internet Download Manager

1. Free Download Manager (FDM)

Free Download Manager Logo

Free Download Manager is an essential tool for managing downloads on your computer. It allows you to pause, resume, or cancel downloads easily. There are several different types of download managers, each with unique features. Here we compare some of the top free download managers.

♥ Features:

  • Resume/Schedule downloads: It allows resuming interrupted downloads and scheduling downloads to start/stop automatically.
  • High-speed downloads: It uses multi-part downloading technology and supports HTTP/2 for faster downloading speeds.
  • Browser integration: It has plugins for all major browsers like Firefox and Chrome that can be downloaded directly from within the browser.
  • URL grabber: It can automatically download all links on a webpage with its built-in URL grabber.
  • Torrent support: It supports torrent downloading and has integrated torrent client capabilities.
  • Scheduling/Queue: Downloads can be added to the queue and schedule and prioritize the order of downloads.
  • Host site acceleration: It optimizes downloads from slow sites using multiple connections.
  • File splitting: Large downloads can be split into parts for easier transfers/resumes.
  • Captcha Solver: It supports automatically solving captchas on download pages.
  • Media downloader: It can directly download audio/video streams from thousands of sites.
  • Proxy support: Supports anonymous downloading through proxy servers for increased security.
  • Free/Lifetime license: It remains free to use forever without any licensing costs.
Free Download Manager


2. JDownloader 2

JDownloader 2 Logo

JDownloader 2 is an easy-to-use program that lets you download any file from the Internet. It works by downloading the file directly into your computer without having to save it first. Downloading files has never been easier or faster. With JDownloader 2, you can download anything from anywhere on the web.

♥ Features:

  • Download any file with just one click: JDownloader 2 makes downloading any file from the Web simple. Just enter the URL (web address) of the file you wish to download, select the format you prefer, and press “Start Download.” You can even choose whether to open the downloaded file automatically or not.
  • Save time by downloading multiple files at once: If you need to download several files at once, JDownloader 2 will save you time and effort. Simply add as many URLs as you need to download, then click the “Add All” button.
  • Easily manage downloads with drag & drop support: You can also use JDownloader 2 to quickly share files with friends and family. Just right-click any file and select “Share Link” to send them directly to your clipboard.
  • Automatically resume interrupted downloads: If you’re downloading large files, JDownloader 2 will automatically resume interrupted downloads so you can continue where you left off.
  • And much more: JDownloader 2 includes many new features, such as an improved user interface, support for multiple protocols, and a redesigned settings dialogue.
JDownloader 2


3. EagleGet

Eagleget Logo

EagleGet is a freeware download accelerator that helps you download your favourite movies, music, software, games, documents, etc. The program integrates seamlessly with the web browser and is its primary file downloader. It also allows you to download files from any site, grab links from different newsgroups, and stay protected with an in-built virus scanner.

♥ Features:

  • Multi-thread Downloading: It utilizes multi-threaded and multi-source downloading for maximum speed.
  • Resume Support: Allows resuming interrupted downloads from the point of failure.
  • Schedule Download: Downloads can be scheduled at specific dates and times in the future.
  • Source Acceleration: Automatically detects and utilizes the fastest download source.
  • Batch Downloading: Ability to download multiple files/links in a single batch or sequence.
  • Proxy Support: Supports anonymous downloading through proxy servers.
  • Magnet Link Support: Can download torrent files directly from torrent magnet links.
  • Captcha Solving: Automatically solves captchas to allow downloads on captcha-protected sites.
  • Browser Extension: Extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera browsers to download directly from the browser.
  • Download Monitors: Watches download speed and progress with real-time status updates.
  • Web Clipper: Allows scraping and bulk downloading of all assets from a website.
  • File ID Tagging: Supports ID3 tags for mp3 and media metadata tagging.
  • Portable Version: It can run directly from a USB flash drive without installation.


4. FlashGet


FlashGet is a free download manager that allows you to manage multiple downloads simultaneously. It will automatically resume interrupted downloads and split large files into smaller parts so you don’t have to wait around for them to finish. You can pause and resume downloads, set download priorities, and even delete completed downloads if necessary.

♥ Features:

  • Multi-Protocol Support
  • Optimized Downloading
  • One-Click Downloading
  • Intelligent File Management
  • Built-in Adware and Spyware Protection
  • Multi-Protocol, Multi-Connection BitTorrent Support
  • Download Scheduler
  • Site Explorer
  • Automatic Mirroring Speed Boost
  • Proxy Support
  • Customizable Interface
  • Clipboard Monitoring


5. Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator (IDA) is a free utility that allows you to accelerate the speed of your internet connections. IDA will split large files into smaller pieces and download them simultaneously. This results in faster downloads and fewer interruptions. IDA is easy to install and easy to use. You just select the files you want to download, click Start, and let IDA do the rest. IDA is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

♥ Features:

  • IDA is a powerful utility designed to accelerate the process of downloading large files from the internet. It allows you to split a single file into multiple parts and download them simultaneously.
  • This way, you don’t need to wait until the whole file is downloaded before you continue surfing. You can even pause the download if you want to do another task.
  • Check (manually or automatically) for updates in downloaded files; indicate that any downloaded files have been unread.
  • Several export/import options are available for download lists. Supported file types include. txt,.txtd,.lst,.URLs, and .ion.
  • The multi-sectional download of knowledge.
  • The Internet Download Accelerator dynamically divides a file into multiple portions and downloads each section at once.
  • With automated download speed control, web browsing is more comfortable by automatically restarting downloads when the download speed drops.
Internet Download Accelerator

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