Top 5 Best CCleaner Pro Alternatives For Your PC (Free/Paid)

What Is CCleaner Pro?

CCleaner Pro Alternatives

With CCleaner Pro, you have access to a range of essential PC cleaning and optimization components, such as the System Cleaner that helps remove junk files and unused apps, the Startup Manager for managing applications that launch at startup, and the Browser Cleaner to clear out traces from all your favorite web browsers. You can also use the Drive Wiper to erase unwanted data from your hard drive securely.

CCleaner Pro free download integrates various cleaning and optimization features that help keep your PC running smoothly. The System Cleaner module helps you quickly remove junk files, obsolete registry entries, and extra programs that can bog down the speed of your PC.

The Startup Manager allows you to manage which applications launch at startup, while the Browser Cleaner helps remove traces from all your favorite web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. Finally, the Drive Wiper will allow you to securely erase data on your hard drive with up to 7 different levels of wiping strength.

The finest free and open-source alternative to CCleaner Pro is BleachBit. Other applications like CCleaner Pro are CleanMasterGlary UtilitiesOnyX Macand DaisyDisk, which are excellent options.

Top 5 Free Alternatives to CCleaner Pro:

If you are a Freebie then you might like the Free Alternatives of “CCleaner Pro

1. CleanMaster

CleanMaster Logo

CleanMaster is an efficient and user-friendly computer cleaning software utility that makes it easy to keep your device running optimally. Its range of features offers everything from speeding up sluggish systems to rooting out malicious malware and other potential threats. CleanMaster’s Junk-File Cleaner allows you to easily scan for, identify, and delete any unnecessary files that could be taking up system resources.

♥ Features:

  • CleanMaster’s anti-virus features offer an extra line of defense against viruses, malicious software, and other threats.
  • It includes a Quarantine Zone to store any suspicious files that may be detected until they can be reviewed.
  • The Advanced Scan mode can also detect and eliminate malware in minutes from your device.
  • By running regular scans, you know that CleanMaster is working hard to protect your online security and privacy.
  • It also makes it easy to extend your battery life and optimize game performance.
  • Its Battery Saver feature helps you analyze and identify any programs running in the background draining your battery.
  • With the Ad Blocker tool, you can also prevent your gaming performance from being affected by unwanted ads and pop-ups.
  • CleanMaster also offers a built-in file shredder, designed to securely delete files and make it nearly impossible for someone to recover the data.
  • You can also use CleanMaster’s password manager function to keep track of all your online accounts in one secure place.
  • Plus, with their real-time protection feature, you’ll be warned of any malicious activity attempting to enter your system.

2. BleachBit

BleachBit Logo

BleachBit is an open-source cleaning and privacy tool for your computer that helps to free up disk space and protect your privacy. It can delete temporary files, cache, cookies, and logs, and discard unnecessary junk that accumulates over time.

♥ Features:

  • Delete all of your private files.
  • Free and without financial obligation
  • It’s free to share, study, and alter (open source)
  • No “value-added software,” “backdoors,” “adware,” “spyware,” or “toolbars.”
  • To conceal the contents of files and stop data recovery, shred them.
  • Use free disc space to overwrite deleted files and conceal them.
  • Windows portable app: use without installation.
  • An automation and scripting command line interface.

3. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities Logo

Glary Utilities is an award-winning PC optimization tool designed to help you keep your computer running smoothly. This powerful application helps to remove unnecessary system files and invalid registry entries, manage browser add-ons, analyze disk space usage, find duplicate files and missing shortcuts, clean up Internet traces, split large files into smaller ones, encrypt files against unauthorized access, and remove software.

♥ Features:

  • Drive Cleaner purges unnecessary files from your disc and frees up space.
  • Registration Cleaner To enhance system performance, run a registry scan and cleanup.
  • Shortcuts Fix erroneous desktop shortcuts in the Start menu.
  • Manage applications that start up automatically with Startup Manager.
  • Memory Booster Backend monitoring and memory optimization
  • Erase Tracks erases all evidence, cookies, footprints, and more, including internet history.
  • File Shredder permanently destroys files, making them unrecoverable.
  • Internet Explorer Assistant controls add-ons for Internet Explorer and recovers compromised settings.
  • Drive scan: Obtain thorough details on the desired files and directories.
  • Duplicate File Finder identifies faults and unused space that result in duplicate files.
  • Finder for Empty Folders In your windows, locate and remove any empty directories.
Glary Utilities

4. Onyx Mac

OnyX Mac Logo

OnyX Mac is an advanced utility for your machine that you can use to make sure the structure of the system files is correct, run systems checks, tidy up caches and other issues, configure various parts of applications like Safari and Finder as well as delete folders and files if necessary. OnyX Mac makes it much easier to care for your Mac without typing complex commands in a command-line interface.

♥ Features:

  • Check the file system’s organization on the startup drive.
  • correct the drive permissions.
  • Set up some settings that are obscure to the system and some programs.
  • Clear the system, user, internet, and font caches.
  • Empty the trash using force.
  • Rebuild the XPC Cache, CoreDuet database, and Launch Services.
  • Rebuild the indexes for Mail and Spotlight.
OnyX Mac

5. DaisyDisk

DaisyDisk Logo

DaisyDisk is a disk analysis tool designed to help you visualize where your files are stored, and how much space they take up, and free up extra space on your hard drive. After scanning your disk, the program arranges its content in a convenient visual representation of specific folders and data files sorted by their real-size data size.

♥ Features:

  • SAFE: What you delete is entirely up to you. System files have security.
  • FAST: Modern discs may be scanned in a matter of seconds, significantly less time than any competitor.
  • POPULAR: The tool of choice for IT experts, photographers, filmmakers, and artists worldwide continues to be DaisyDisk.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Use the space you already have instead of purchasing more.
  • EASY TO USE: even for inexperienced users, the visual interface is unique and simple.

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